As I Age

As I age and wisdom reveals itself in silvery strands of gray and memories bittersweet, I see with crinkled eyes all that the dewy innocence of youth hid from me. With each encroaching wrinkle I laugh at the dread once felt to reach this place. There is nothing to fear, only freedom as I finally … More As I Age


Tears are too often mistaken for weakness, but that is far from the truth. With each salty, glistening drop shed, strength flows from my soul. Tears are the battle cry of strong emotion, welling up to express sadness, joy, shock, and anger. I feel sad for those who don’t allow themselves the strength to bare … More Tears

Spring Forward

I didn’t realize how much I needed spring to come after this long year of Covid where days and months passed in a blue light blur of Zoom teaching and meetings. The bleakness of winter only added to the feelings of isolation and sadness for the loss of so much life- and way of life. … More Spring Forward

The Birds Still Sing

As I walked my dog this February-almost-March morning, the birds were singing in riotous joy. Flowers poked cautious heads up toward the blue sky, trees breaking out with tiny green buds of promise, the slumbering world seeming to sigh in anticipation of the change to come. As this long winter and endless months of uncertainty … More The Birds Still Sing

The Keys to Love

I listened to a news story about pianos that had historical significance being handed down through generations of families on NPR on my long walk with Marley this morning. One of the people interviewed said that while they had the inside of the piano repaired they left the outside alone, as it bore the marks … More The Keys to Love