I thought of my mother today, her memory indelibly etched as it is into my heart and soul. I think of her every single day, but this time two sweet memories came to me. The first came as I was cutting my toenails, as glamorous as that sounds. The last few years of her life … More Remembrances

D and D’s BnB

My sweet husband has talked for a couple of years about turning our wonderful guesthouse into an Airbnb when he retired. Since he retired at the end of this past year, he has been planning and working on turning his dream into a reality. Frankly, I felt a bit uncomfortable with the idea of strangers … More D and D’s BnB

I Wonder

I wonder what I look like through your eyes; Do you see past the veneer to the woman within? Through wrinkles and lines that are a manifesto of trials met, mostly with my head held high? The humor that is my coat of armor, my saving grace when things have gone south. The slight stutter … More I Wonder