The Summer of George…err, Denise: Gratitude Comes Calling

We are huge fans of the old Seinfeld series, watching the reruns to the point that we know the dialogue by heart. Dan says that most every life situation is dealt with on the show, and I have to agree with him; relationship issues, societal issues- they covered the gamut with a hearty side of … More The Summer of George…err, Denise: Gratitude Comes Calling

Walking Revelations

In the middle of my walk this morning, I turned and looked down the long sidewalk by Glen Iris Elementary and received a shock. Coming slowly toward me was an elderly silver-haired woman hunched over a red and black walker, her gate a very familiar shuffle. Rationally, I knew it wasn’t my mother, gone almost … More Walking Revelations

A Southern Walk

The air is so thick and heavy, I feel like I could wring it out with my hands or drape it around me like some heavy woolen shawl. Another Alabama summer is here, hot and humid as they come. I walked underneath the canopy of Magnolias and Mimosas as the birds sang, grateful for a brief respite … More A Southern Walk