On Healing a Memory

I recently travelled to Mars Hill University in beautiful western North Carolina with my soprano colleague to give masterclasses and perform a recital. I visit several universities in a given year, but this was special; this is where I spent nine years of my life at the beginning of my college teaching career. Nine years … More On Healing a Memory

Be Not Afraid

Be not afraid, Though bleakness paints a dark swath across the sky. Keep faith and hope alive in your heart, Believe in all that is good in yourself and in the world, Look to the horizon, Eyes clear and sure, See the beauty that awaits you just over the mountain ahead. Let your heart be … More Be Not Afraid

The Shiva Chronicles: A Tentative Peace Treaty…of Sorts

It seems that a tentative peace treaty has been reached at Chez Gainey. I have no idea what precipitated this change, but I am holding onto hope- not my breath, though…I know my little demon seed Shiva all too well; this princess always has an ulterior motive. Shiva has really settled into our lives, but … More The Shiva Chronicles: A Tentative Peace Treaty…of Sorts

Hope Eternal

The winter has been unforgiving, Cold and bleak, Leaving spirits dampened and hope diminished. There is change in the air, though; I feel it in my bones, can taste it upon my lips. Mother Earth stretches and yawns, Her sweet breath whispering words of encouragement to a slumbering land; Wake, my children, the time has … More Hope Eternal

A Wry Mid-Life Crises: Things I will Never Be

I had one of those ‘ah-ha’ moments yesterday as I was getting ready for work…I will never be a ballerina. At fifty-five, this should have been neither shocking nor emotionally scarring, but somehow it really was. Growing up as a hefty, uncoordinated, large-footed band geek, I dreamt of being a slim and graceful ballerina. I … More A Wry Mid-Life Crises: Things I will Never Be

What do You See?

This view from our bedroom window is more than just a window looking out over the city to me; it is a portal that brings perspective, a painting that changes with the seasons and with the smallest shift in light and weather. It is a muse. When the beauty of spring bursts into life, the … More What do You See?