There is Beauty in a Tear

There is beauty in a tear falling down a cheek, Whether that tear be filled with joy or sorrow, For each tear holds within it remembrance and gratitude, Wisdom and wonder. Never be ashamed of your tears; Embrace them, Set them free with abandon, For they show not weakness But incredible humanity and strength.

Breaking Through

I am working through some tough stuff right now, old demons that have once again come to haunt me. Truthfully, they have never been very far away. When they make their appearance, I feel crippled by fear and doubt in my abilities. It is as if my core is a rose bud, tightly bound and … More Breaking Through

Three Things

Yesterday was one of those really tough days that we all have at some point or another. It wasn’t all bad by any stretch of the imagination, but it had enough challenge and emotionally prickly stuff to bring me to my knees by the end of the day, completely tapped out. A rare thing for … More Three Things

What Do You Say?

What do you say when words fail, And the world seems no longer a place you know? What do you say when people fail you, hearts rendered numb from grief and disappointment? What do you say when injustice is the law of the land and your voice seems lost on whipping winds of division? I … More What Do You Say?

The Shiva Chronicles: Madness and Redemption…Sort Of

The look of….love? The welcome shift to fall-like weather last night brought with it blowing trees and a certain feel of anticipation in the air. Shiva was feeling it clearly; as we sat down to Dan’s wonderful chicken stew for dinner, we heard the thundering of eight pounds of terror before we saw the flash … More The Shiva Chronicles: Madness and Redemption…Sort Of