Pinpoints of Light

A rainy morning with light breaking through… My mind is an interesting place to be right now. I am on day six of taking Wellbutrin to treat a depressive episode brought on by this summer of loss and heartbreak.  (I love that term  episode, knowing this is not forever), and am trying to stay very … More Pinpoints of Light

  Young Love

That first blush Of love realized, Two souls smiling in joyous recognition.  Your world consumed  With thoughts of one another, Eyes seeing only beauty, Perfection.  Time passes, That first blush fades, Burnishes,  Becoming something more real, More precious, Tempered by life.  Time brings the gifts of trust, Devotion, understanding.  You discover there is beauty in … More   Young Love

Love Letters

I saved every letter and card my mother ever sent to me from the time I went away to college, a sentimental gesture that I am especially grateful for as the years pass. Mom was such a great letter-writer; newsy, descriptive, funny, and loving. I happened upon a couple of letters that had been stuck … More Love Letters

Tangled Grace

For those of you who know me or who have read my blog for any length of time, you know that I do my best to be stubbornly positive, honest, and uplifting in what I write. Sometimes I’m positive past the place where I should be perhaps, but I am hardwired to try to turn … More Tangled Grace

My Garden of Joy

My garden of joy is a haven of wonder, Where sorrow and heartache may never plunder. Hope and compassion grow on long flowing vines, That wrap ’round my heart in invincible binds. I come here to heal when life wields me a blow, To breathe in the peace and and to let it out slow.  … More My Garden of Joy