Cabin Fever

We just spent a few days in our happy place, the Nantahala Gorge region of western North Carolina. Sixteen years ago on the Summer Solstice we pledged to spend our lives together and have not looked back since…except to come back to this magical place almost every year to celebrate and honor our beginnings. What … More Cabin Fever

Gratitude Reboot

It’s funny how negatively can sprout from the smallest seed without us even realizing its burgeoning presence. I work hard at finding the gratitude in every day things, but I caught myself complaining about health issues the past couple of weeks, and that’s not the road I want to travel…it’s time for a gratitude reboot. … More Gratitude Reboot

The Shiva Chronicles: Nurse Ratched’s Vendetta

To be honest, this has not been the most enjoyable of weeks. I returned home from an absolutely wonderful trip to Lincoln to record a CD with my best friend on Saturday afternoon; early Monday morning I had surgery on my right shoulder (an open distal clavicle excision with an AC decompression). Now my ‘go-go-go’ … More The Shiva Chronicles: Nurse Ratched’s Vendetta