Leonardo Da Vinci, Birthday Bashes, and New Beginnings

Leonardo Da Vinci… Two nights ago my eyes popped wide open well before 2am and stayed open. And stayed. And stayed. I took a melatonin…nothing. Since I have taken on my new detail-filled role at work, more and more I am waking up in the middle of the night with my brain spinning, going over … More Leonardo Da Vinci, Birthday Bashes, and New Beginnings

A Dog at Your Side

There’s nothing like a dog at your side, To whom you tell what to others you hide. Their fur holds our tears, They lessen our fears, Soulful eyes let us always confide. I don’t know what I’d do without you, Though sadly one day I’ll have to. My heart then will break, A part of … More A Dog at Your Side

Run to me

During the holidays nostalgia got the best of me, and I spent some time rooting around in Mom’s mahogany chest of drawers. I found a stack of old photos and sat down to look through them, thinking back to holidays during my childhood where my brothers and sisters would visit, and inevitably, the large cookie … More Run to me