Old Dawg Love

Sophie is very special to me; I adopted her from the Greater Birmingham Humane Society when she was seven months old to keep my eighty-four-year-old mother company when she moved to an apartment in our friends’ house down the street from us. Were we both ever so young? I can still see the little puppy … More Old Dawg Love


‘Neath the facade of this successful, together woman is a crumbling interior; a tower of doubt and insecurities that so few really know. She smiles brightly into the face of life, juggling each responsibility with such grace- at least as far as you can see. Behind the scenes, the balls drop in a mad array … More Facade

I Wasn’t Ready

The trees trembled, kissed by the cold wind, their leaves raining down in a riot of color. Somehow the light was different, softer, everything changing, and I wasn’t ready. I clung to the warmth of the summer past, the perfume of flowers and the joy of carefree days. I clung to my youth and to … More I Wasn’t Ready