Hand in Hand

We sit side by side, hand in hand, looking out at the world from our vantage of love. Companionable silence, deep conversation, dreams of what we hope will be. We have been through such raw life, you and I, so much laughter and tears, joy and sorrow. No matter what the future brings, it will … More Hand in Hand

The COVID Chronicles: On Fatigue and Silver Linings

The pandemic has thrown all of us into a tizzy, each of us handling the stress and anxiety differently based on our own individual personalities…and neuroses. For Dan, he is on a mission from God to knock off a ton of his ‘Mr. MacKenzie’ endless to-do lists of home projects. He’s rewiring, painting, cedar-lining closets…and … More The COVID Chronicles: On Fatigue and Silver Linings

The Shadow People

It feels like I am walking among the shadow people, a mere shadow myself. I am here, but I am not, as everything has changed. The things I once took for granted are no longer solid ground, each day now a pale reflection of the one before. Stubbornly I repeat the mantra that all is … More The Shadow People