On Chance Meetings

Marley and I headed out on our long morning walk yesterday morning as usual, but for some reason I decided to go a completely different route than the one we habitually take. Suddenly, in the corner of my eye I saw a white flash bounding toward us; a large Great Pyrenees mix grinning and wagging … More On Chance Meetings

Eyes Full of Stars

I look out at the world through eyes full of stars, seeking the good and the beautiful. I am not blind; I see the pain, the fear, and the anger; hearts frozen, minds closed, for the world forever tilts in a balancing act of light and dark. I get to choose, though; fall into darkness … More Eyes Full of Stars

In the New Year

In the New Year, I wish you joy and peace, good health and grace. I wish you the strength to turn away from fear and embrace love with open arms. We’ve come through a battle, one not yet ending, but light shines on the horizon. There is an electricity in the air that sparks a … More In the New Year

A Christmas Morning

I wondered if I would feel it when I woke up in the pre-dawn of Christmas morning on this year of all years; that familiar electricity mixed with anticipation and unbridled joy instilled from my earliest childhood memories. The magic of Christmas that has nothing whatsoever to do with presents or pandemics. I did feel … More A Christmas Morning

On Holiday Wrapping

I find that I’m having a difficult time wrapping my head around Christmas this year. Though I’ve had bursts of holiday spirit, Covid has colored everything with a heavy blanket of worry, isolation, and profound loss. Our home is decorated, music is playing; all of the trappings are here, but there is a hollowness, a … More On Holiday Wrapping


I’ve been thinking a lot about anchors during my morning walks around the neighborhood with Marley. For some reason lately, the word and its many connotations in my life keep bubbling to the surface with the contemplative repetition of our rhythmic walking. Anchors can certainly have a negative connotation; possibly things that weigh us down … More Anchors