Love is

Love is not always some grand gesture, roses red and violets blue. Sometimes love is a gentle touch, the wiping away of a tear, the listening to whispered fears in the darkness. Sometimes love is a hand held tightly, a shared moment of beauty, of compromise and forgiveness. Small gestures that mean more than the … More Love is

The Comfort of Old

I’ve been on couch arrest since Sunday morning after waking up with severe nausea and flu-like symptoms. I’m not good at being sick or at being still, but sometimes your body insists, and so I have grudgingly camped out in the living room and am doing my best to rest. It always makes me smile … More The Comfort of Old


Don’t let the world dim your spark or strip away your hope. Don’t let it make you feel helpless against giants or fill you with worry and doubt. Don’t give power to fear or relinquish your resolve, or listen to snake charmers selling pie crust promises. Don’t forget that the world is still full of … More Don’t

Travels with Marley

I really believe that dogs come into our lives and define chapters for us. Guinness, my soul dog, was with me for fifteen years through my first marriage and move to a new life alone in Birmingham. Bailey protected me in my first year in Birmingham (only by looks and a great bark- he was … More Travels with Marley

Birthday Thoughts

Fifty-seven. How in the world can I be turning fifty-seven? I can remember so clearly standing in front of the bathroom mirror in the house I grew up in on the morning of my sixteenth birthday, scrutinizing my as yet unlined face, feeling ancient and wondering what I would look like when I reached the … More Birthday Thoughts