On Empty Cups

I woke up suddenly at 3am in the throes of a full-on panic attack. I couldn’t breathe, my heart was trying to pound its way out of my chest, my mind in flight or fight mode. Struggling to get my breathing under control, I took deep breaths, trying to convince myself that whatever nightmare I’d … More On Empty Cups

Mission Possible

What if we made it our mission in life to uplift and encourage instead of denigrate and ridicule? To look for the positives instead of seeking fault? What if we held onto hope instead of fear and saw our differences as our strengths instead of our division, holding hands instead of choosing sides? What if … More Mission Possible

Tales from the Stage: The Grand Exit of Princess Grace

I have a reputation for being somewhat- how shall I say it?…okay, klutzy. Ridiculously so at times. It’s not something I’m proud of, and the older I get the more I seem to be refining my ‘graceful’ skills. My clumsiness has manifested itself as everything from a simple trip-over-nothing to a full-blown broken ankle; it … More Tales from the Stage: The Grand Exit of Princess Grace

Time Stamps

Life has been crazy and I had forgotten what day on the calendar it was until I saw the morning news. I was instantly transported back seventeen years, teaching a lesson in my studio at Mars Hill College, when the call came to come home immediately- something horrible, something life-changing, had happened. I remember going … More Time Stamps

Old Things

Old things. Dusty and creaky Fading away Storytellers Historians Teachers Discarded Worthless… Priceless. I am drawn to old things; Old people, old animals. Old structures. I listen to the whispered tales they share of a time gone by, a connection that pulses through my very veins. The day will soon come when I will be … More Old Things