Every day I make choices that affect the quality of my life. Choosing to be angry about the news and politics, or choosing to focus on sending positive energy out into the world, doing the small things I can to make the world a better place.  I can choose to focus on the cruel and hurtful people that surround me, or I can choose to see the beauty that exists in every single person and try to draw it out with a smile and a kind word.  If I don’t make healthy choices, I begin to feel scattered, pressured, and stagnant.
 This has been a subject of great importance to me. I am an emotional sponge, and it is so very easy for me to absorb the constant flow of chaos and negativity coming from every direction. I work hard to center myself, try to keep myself away from situations and people who bring negative energy to me. I do yoga, I write, I play my music, spend time with my animals…and kickboxing helps, too.
 Of course, I can’t always barricade myself from negativity and stress.  Even though I love my job, it can be stressful working with a group of emotionally charged musicians…rewarding, but the stress level can be high nonetheless.  When that happens, I am learning to breathe into it, take a step back and ask myself if the situation is truly critical, or is it just something brought on by emotion that will pass with time..”this, too, shall pass.”  Can I make the situation better, or am I just getting drawn into unhealthy emotional upheaval? I’m getting better at learning to pick and choose my battles, a crucial skill in a world full of conflict.
 Today I am going to choose happiness. I am going to be productive, practicing for upcoming performances, taking some photos, and working on my book. I’m also going to make time for myself through exercise, and the quiet time that my extra-introverted self craves.  I am going to leave the television off, and not jump to check my phone  every time the chime rings to notify me of a new message…in fact, I’m going to silence that beast.  I’m going to breathe.
 Every day I have to work on this, remind myself of my goals, reinforce the habits that will add peace and tranquility to my life.  My actions equal my choices, and every  positive choice reaps such great rewards.

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