“Getting old ain’t for sissies!”

Mom smiling
I take photos of my almost 92-year-old mom every time I see her. Some days she looks sad and is feeling her years, and other days, like today, she is full of life and has a twinkle in her eye.    She usually has a funny story of something goofy that happened to her (I know where I get it from…).  Here are a couple of the gems:
– she walked all the way around the senior facility without realizing she had a large pair of undies stretched across her walker.
– someone hugged her…and Mom had so much hairspray on that the woman’s glasses got caught in her hair. …
  – Mom has a horn attached to her walker that is so loud it could wake the dead. She has scared multiple senior citizens during her time at Princeton Towers, who then dissolve into laughter when they see it’s Dorothy.
– While in the laundry room, she offered a nice gentleman one of her Moo Bars…but it was a nice lady. She did this twice…to the same woman.
I am thankful to have a mom who is still a clown at her age. She says that “getting old ain’t for sissies,” and that being silly has gotten her through some really tough times. That’s a piece of advice I’ll always take to heart.

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