Bumps in the Road


Settling back into the routine of the new semester has brought its share of challenges. Gone are the freer summer  days spent at home with time to write and take photos, days spent taking long walks with the dogs, with time for contemplation and rest.

It’s all okay, though- just part of the cycle of my life. Now is the time for rushing to classes and meetings, teaching long hours, performing concerts and recitals, and working with great young people. It’s time to make dates with my husband to stay connected, to rise at dawn to exercise and stay healthy. It’s also time to make finding opportunities for creativity in my daily life. I can handle the crazy schedule….but I handle it so much better when  I make time for me and what my soul needs to thrive.

It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed at the enormity of all there is to do, but those pockets of me-time are there if I will make them. And when I do, the bumps in the road are just that – bumps. Not road blocks, not impenetrable walls…just bumps. And I will hop right over them and be on my way.  I have things to do.

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