My Dogs

My Dogs

My dogs; companions, confidants, comedians.
Neither come with paperwork or a fine lineage- just a couple of mutts.
But each come bearing their own gifts.
Cooper is our guardian, her watchful eyes and fierce bark a beacon of warning in our Southside neighborhood. Her eyes are wise, full of ancient understanding; her fierce demeanor fades into a fiercely wagging tail when she sees us walk through the door.
Sophie is the love bug. Timid, gentle, following me with her eyes wherever I go. I am her work, and she takes her work seriously. She is Cooper’s lieutenant, always following her lead.
Together they are a perfect pair, goofy, loyal and loving. Always together, always genial, always up for a long walk, a ride in the Bug with the top down, or for curling up on the couch for quiet time.
I am so grateful to have found them, each fitting into our lives so beautifully, bringing joy with them.

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