Aren’t we all damaged?
Hearts torn by love lost, by careless words,
Scars on our souls rent from loneliness, sorrow.
We all share this universal story in some way.
What if we saw those scars in a different light?
What if we saw them for what they truly are-
badges of honor for a life fully lived.
There is no easy path. We would not learn without stumbling along the way, over obstacles real and perceived. We would not grow, evolve.
But we can navigate the obstacles, learn from them, opening our hearts, become stronger, more resilient.
We can choose to see the beauty in those scars, the many layers of gifts they have given us over time,
if we will only look, shift our perspective.
I beg of you, look! Gaze into the mirror, wear your scars proudly.
They are what make you human, beautiful.

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