My mom is having some serious leg issues…caused by standing on her feet making so many apple pies for her friends at Princeton Towers.
I went to visit her this afternoon, and she looked so fragile. She turns ninety-two a week from Saturday, but I always think of her as being invincible, see her as the Mom of my youth who was strong and vibrant. Today I saw the reality of her years, saw her fragility.
I stayed to help her with some chores, and then broke out the IPhone for our ritual of taking silly pictures to raise her spirits (and mine). The dialogue is always the same:

Mom: Oh, Neese, I look terrible! You’re not going to put this on that ‘Face’ thing are you?”

Me: “You are beautiful and you look just fine. It’s ‘Facebook, and yes, I’m putting your pictures up so that family and friends can see you.”

Mom: “Okay” (begins acting silly, primping).

Once the camera comes out, the giggling starts, the goofy poses, the hugs. The years peel away, and I again see the Mom of my youth.

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