On the Road Again with Diva Dresses

On the Road Again with Diva Dresses

I am on the road again, on a recital tour to perform five recitals in five days at five different universities in two different states. Whoa…I am tired already, and I haven’t played the first recital yet!

The adventure began at 5:30am yesterday (or, as we like to call it, “chicken-thirty”). My sweet husband got up early with me and helped to carry my suitcase down the thirty-four steps to the street where my trumpet colleague was picking me up for the eleven hour drive to Richmond, Virginia.

Okay, I have to insert a disclaimer here…I may or may not have way over-packed for this trip. I’ll admit I did get a bit carried away, choosing to use the same suitcase I packed for a two-week trip to Italy for this six-day road trip to Virginia and North Carolina. In my defense, I wanted to look nice for all five recitals, which required the requisite diva outfits. I also needed to dress up for master classes during the day, and have workout clothes for every morning…I’m not usually such a girlie-girl, but this time…guilty as charged. Hey- I always say that no matter how I play, people can at least say, “Wow, what a great dress!”

The priceless thing was the reaction to said giant suitcase. My sweet Dan took a look at it…”Honey, are you sure you really need that big of a suitcase?” “Yes, I really do. It will be fine- Jim’s driving his Camry, and the trunks in those cars are huge.” He looked like he was carrying a body down the thirty-four steps in the early morning darkness. Have I told you yet that I married well?

When we got down to the street, the next reaction..the look of horror on my colleague’s face at the sight of my behemoth red bag. He was indeed driving a Camry, but what I didn’t realize was that it was a hybrid Camry…with a large battery taking up a lot of the trunk. Uh-oh. After Dan said the expected, “Honey, I told you!”, he and Jim manhandled a few things and got suitcase-zilla into the trunk, pretty much taking up most of the space. Other than Jim’s small suitcase, he also had three trumpets with him. In addition, we had me, my clarinets, AND we had to pick up our collaborative pianist at the Richmond airport with her suitcase as well. Houston, we have a problem. I thought that I would be strapped to the roof of the Camry if we couldn’t figure it out….I seriously think that Jim considered dragging me behind the Camry Old-West style, but his calmer side prevailed.

My good-natured colleague figured it out, though I realize that I am due some pretty major ribbing for the rest of the tour. We’ll be a bit cramped during our travels this week, and I have sworn to bring my smallest bag on our next tour. That’s okay, the ribbing is well-deserved…and, hey, I’m still going to look great on stage for five nights in a row.

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