Do You See?

Do You See?

Do you see?

You look, but do you see?
The homeless man with the look of desolation,
Do you see his hurt, his potential, his humanity?
The tree that is stark and bare,
But holding inside what will burst forth with beauty in spring?
Are you blind to the beauty of the sun setting,
Its subtle changes in color so magical?
Do you see your own perfection,
In your glorious imperfection?
I challenge you, look and truly see.
See the beauty, the potential, that is everywhere,
In every person, in every thing.
Be open to that which is different,
That which challenges you, scares you,
Pushes you off the ledge of complacency.
For looking and really seeing is the the true path to living,
Each and every moment in awareness, in gratitude.

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