The Well

The Well

The Well

My husband came home bearing champagne and the makings of chocolate-dipped strawberries. He is always thoughtful and romantic, but this caught me by surprise after a long day for both of us in the middle of the week.

He told me that he had stopped by the YMCA after work to sit in the sauna. Several men were complaining about their lives, about their spouses, when a grizzled older gentleman finally spoke up, “You all need to wake up. I lost my wife fifteen years ago, and I miss her every single day. You’ll never know thirst ’til the well runs dry.”

Dan had tears in his eyes. He cranked up some R and B on the stereo, held me close, and told me the gentleman had inspired him, reminded him to be thankful every day for what we have. We both fought long and hard to get here.

The sound of the champagne cork popping was magical, the strawberries to die for, the company even better. Love is worth working for. We won’t let the well run dry.

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