Happy New Year from Princeton Towers

Happy New Year from Princeton Towers

Happy New Year from Princeton Towers

I went to visit Mom at The Home for Wayward Seniors this afternoon, making sure that she had plenty of Bush’s Black-eyed Peas for New Year’s Day- the only kind she will eat if you’re not making them from scratch. I also brought her a fun hat and some noisemakers, which she immediately started goofing around with as only Dorothy can. I swear she is Queen of the Hams. Mom said she would parade around the halls in her Happy New Year’s hat in a while with her hoard of noisemakers…sure hate that I had to miss seeing that.

I checked her mail and walked around the facility with a big bag of noisemakers, handing them out to every resident that I saw. The look on their faces was priceless, and each of them immediately began blowing on the noisemakers, lighting up with huge grins. Something so simple as an inexpensive toy made their day…or maybe it was that someone cared and showed them some attention.

At the end of my rounds, I found The Rev in the lobby, and was happy to get my big bear hug from him. He is usually very dignified, but even he lit up like a child and started blowing on his noisemaker as he tooled around in his motorized chair. My New Year’s Eve was already made by 3pm thanks to my Wayward Senior friends. I left the remaining noisemakers on the table in the entryway and told them to go wild tonight. I hope they have fun. I’ll keep an eye on the evening news just in case.

One of my goals for the coming year is to do more for the residents of Princeton Towers. I have become very attached to this whacky and wonderful group of seniors, and I want to do what I can to improve the quality of their lives, one small gesture at a time. I have a lot to learn from them- and my mom- about appreciating and enjoying life, and I’m ready for the fun to begin. Now let’s make some noise!

Happy New Year!

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