A Bit of Drama at The Home for Wayward Seniors

A Bit of Drama at The Home for Wayward Seniors

A Bit of Drama at The Home for Wayward Seniors

Heavy D scared the hey-hey out of me again today. I went by The Home for Wayward Seniors after judging the Alabama Federation of Music Clubs competition to check in on her. The usual crowd of residents was sitting in the lobby to greet me, all dressed to the nines, talking about the cold.

When I went into Mom’s apartment she was completely slumped over to the side, deathly still. I called out to her loudly three times, and still she didn’t move. At this point I teared up and said, “No Momma, no! MOM!”…and she finally stirred.

Now, besides my huge relief that Heavy D was still with us, I was also happy for her, since her hair was full of curlers and she wouldn’t even let Jesus take her out the door with her hair not done. She did inform me that I was not allowed to take any pictures of her with curlers in her hair (they would have been National Enquirer worthy, let me tell you).

I must have looked like I’d seen a ghost (because for a minute there, I thought I had), since Mom said, “What’s wrong Neese- did you think I’d cashed in my chips?”

Yes, Mom- you just scared the hell out of me (thought that…didn’t say it, since I’d get fussed at for saying the H word).

I hugged her and told her I was so glad she was still here, to which she replied, “Well, it’s nice to know I’m wanted somewhere.” She then proceeded to show me another stack of cards and the beautiful flowers from her OGBF fan club.

“Neese, I always knew I’d be famous someday, that somebody would see something special in me. This all just boggles my mind and makes me so happy.”

(Insert group hug to my OGBF friends!)

At the end of our visit, I gathered up Mom’s laundry, got her trash, hugged Mom goodbye, and headed out the door. That is, I was heading out the door until Heavy D says, “Oh, did I tell you I set another fire yesterday?”


Daughter freaks out just a tad.

“Mom, what do you mean ‘another’ fire?”

“Well, I accidentally put an electric cord on the element of the stove and it sparked up like you wouldn’t believe. I caught it right away, but Rev is so sharp. He smelled it and rode over on his chair to check on me.”

God bless, the Rev. Yet another reason for me to love that man.

All I can say is, thank God for hair color. This woman is giving me gray on a daily basis. Totally worth it, but still…

Here’s to a calm and drama-free week for Heavy D at The Home for Wayward Seniors. Either that, or I’m going to start having to wear a heart monitor.

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