Snowpocolypse has hit Birmingham- a city that shuts down with the rumor of a flurry. The weathermen all assured us that the big winter storm would be down south of us, and that we’d have no accumulation.

I watched through my office window as the snow started to fall at UAB during a lesson. My student and I noticed that it was snowing harder…and it was starting to stick…big time.

Mother Nature: 1
Birmingham weathermen: 0

People laugh at how we freak out about the smallest bit of snow in the South, but for a city that doesn’t know how to deal with keeping roads safe in snow and ice and people who don’t know how to drive in it, it is serious business.

I barely made it up the steep street to Chez Gainey, but couldn’t make it up to the garage. It took Dan two hours to drive what usually takes him ten minutes. We are thankful to be safely home, as many people are stuck on the interstate or at work/ school. Parents are stranded trying to get to their children who are still at school. I’m very thankful that Heavy D is safe and warm at The Home for Wayward Seniors.

The dogs, of course, are thrilled. It’s like some magical play land for them with all of this fun white stuff to dive into and chase each other through. We attempted to grab a few photos for next Christmas’ card…Cooper was not very cooperative, I’m afraid…darn cute, but not cooperative. Stay safe and warm, everyone!

One thought on “Snowpocolypse

  1. Denise,

    We live just two miles from Lake Erie in Ohio. For two weeks we have coped with 8 inches of snow on the ground, and single digit temps. Today the high was 3 degrees! I put my husband and and his wheelchair in the car and we went out to lunch–a typical day for us.

    Stay warm and safe,

    Lou Ann

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