Valentine’s Day at The Home for Wayward Seniors

Valentine's Day at The Home for Wayward Seniors

Valentine’s Day at The Home for Wayward Seniors

Thanks to a very busy day at work, I wasn’t able to go to Princeton Towers on Valentine’s Day as I had wanted to do. I had hopes of taking some video of the party in all of its Bingo glory and see Mom dressed up in her red finery, but instead I had to with a second hand account from Heavy D. And as we all know, that means there will be some laughter and outrageousness.

When I walked into the lobby, things were hopping. I was greeted by several residents, all gossiping about the goings on around The Home for Wayward Seniors. I love that they all burst into big smiles when I come in, and immediately start asking about Mom. Gwen told me how everybody liked Mom’s fancy Valentine’s Day glasses, and how cute she was. Tyrone was beaming as always, so I gave him the usual kiss on the forehead. Jerome hinted that he wanted some more cookies, and when I told him I heard he couldn’t have any, he quickly denounced that as heresy. Looks like I’ll be making more cookies.

Mom’s apartment was dark, so I opened the blinds to better see her wearing her new pink fleece jammies. Cute as a bug. She showed me the beautiful flowers from Nancy Galllimore and lovely bracelet from Georgia Melton, offered me a cookie from Angie Linde, and then we read through all of the touching cards from Mom’s OGBF fan club. Mom said she was just overwhelmed by being a celebrity- she always knew she’s be famous someday. She also said she was no longer accepting bills in her mailbox- only cards. I took some thank-you videos, which went much better when I got her to not stage whisper, “That’s it- I’m done!” at the end. On second thought, maybe I should have left that part in.

I asked Mom to tell me all about the Valentine’s Day bash, and she puffed up with excitement. First, she had to put her Valentine’s Day glasses on for the full effect. Once she was ready, she launched into a vivid description of residents coming from all over the building with their walkers and scooters, and how so many people won at Bingo.

“I won a $5 gift card to Sam’s Club. Of course I don’t ever go there, but I guess I will now since I have so much money to spend.” (Said with a giggle.)

When I asked her what they had to eat…

“Ooh, we had a package of potato chips- Lay’s, mind you- and a cup cake. Now I couldn’t eat my cupcake because I didn’t have a fork. I don’t like to just eat a cupcake and get it all over my face.”

It seems there was other excitement, too. Mom had told me she’d lost her dentures again, and when I asked her about it, she thought I’d said “keys” instead of “teeth”, and so a hilarious conversation ensued where I thought she lost her teeth when she was going to get the mail. Thankfully, both the teeth and the keys returned to safety. All is right in the world.

Every day at Princeton Towers is a special one. Of course there is routine, but there is also glamour and excitement, thanks to Heavy D and the wonderful residents of The Home for Wayward Seniors.


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