Best Friends

Best Friends

Best Friends

This week is both a busy and special one for me. It’s the week of the annual UAB Clarinet Symposium, and I will host close to eighty clarinetists over the weekend, from 6th graders on up to people in their sixties, students and professionals. It’s also the week that my best friend, Diane, comes to Birmingham as my guest artist, and we will perform a recital together on Saturday night, with both duo and solo pieces.

We have been best friends for almost thirty years, and have performed together countless times. Playing together is always such a joy, as we know each other so well that we seem to read each other’s minds. The music making becomes something extra special, and I am happy for my students to observe the importance of chemistry in performance.

Along with rehearsals today, we also made time to visit Heavy D at The Home for Wayward Seniors, and Mom was thrilled to see Diane. Diane also got to meet some of my favorite seniors in the lobby, too, including Tyrone (The Laughing Man) and The Rev. Diane made Mom laugh (and Mom made us laugh) as I changed sheets and did other chores around Mom’s apartment. Mom, of course, had to tell Diane all about her Fan Club.

Some people come into your life and stay there, always keeping a piece of your heart…Diane is one of those special human beings who has touched my life in such a beautiful way. We have been there for each other through cancer, divorce, death of a parent, job changes…We have laughed until we’ve cried, and we’ve each held the other one close through tears of sorrow. She inspires me with her artistry, and makes me laugh with her wonderfully zaney comedic timing. She is strong when I am weak, brave when I am fearful. She is my best friend.

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