Light and Dark

Light and Dark

Light and Dark

Light and dark always coexist in our lives, a natural balance. The balance at Chez Gainey seems to be a bit out of that natural balance right now as we deal with health issues; Dan with the impending knee surgery to repair two meniscus tears, me as I deal with an extra hectic work schedule, hearing loss issues and wait for my MRI, and Mom, who seems to be in a very dark place right now because of some serious issues with her leg and diminishing mobility.

Life always has challenges- I have never known anything different. I am thankful for the things that stretch me, knock me out of complacency, and make me truly appreciate the days in which light comes pouring in. My strategy right now is to take things as they come, one day at a time, and seek to find the positives. Even if the worst should happen, there are still so many things to anchor us in the light; we have a deeply loving relationship and home, precious friends and family, careers that we love, and- other than these bumps in the road- we have our health.

Today I start rehearsals for the opera with the Alabama Symphony…Two Italian operas conducted by an Italian conductor. My ears will get me through this, and I will enjoy getting to play next to a friend who is also one of my favorite clarinet players. My ears may ring- teaching lessons was actually painful by the end of the day yesterday- but I will be grateful every single time for the opportunity to make music with great musicians.

The light and the dark are there to give us perspective, help us to know true gratitude. Even in the darkest of times, there is always light to guide our way. We only have to look for it…it is always there.

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