Mission Possible: A Special Visitor at The Home for Wayward Seniors

Mission Possible: A Special Visitor at The Home for Wayward Seniors

Mission Possible: A Special Visitor at The Home for Wayward Seniors

I haven’t been able to get to Mom’s for almost a week because of my crazy work schedule, and that is never a good thing. I knew Mom was suffering from the doldrums; her legs are not doing well, with old issues of cellulitis returning, and she is feeling her years. I have also been in a dark place, but haven’t shared my hearing issues or upcoming MRI with her. I don’t want her to worry about me unnecessarily.

I decided that desperate times call for desperate measures. I piled Sophie into the Bug and headed to The Home for Wayward Seniors to sneak her in for some dog therapy. Princeton Towers only allows small dogs that can be held, and both of my girls are way over the limit. However, Sophie is so gentle and sweet that I knew there wouldn’t be a problem. She also used to be Mom’s dog, so I knew it would make Mom smile to see her.

I felt like such a rebel, but was worth it to hear Mom’s voice when I opened her door and let Sophie run in. The perfect, furry medicine. I let them visit while I gathered Mom’s laundry, put away her groceries, and did a few chores. I love hearing how Mom’s voice changes when she talks to the dogs, becoming extra gentle and tender. She kept her eyes glued to Sophie, gently patting her head and talking softly to her.

Mom always has a sense when something is wrong with me. I do my best to be cheery and hide it, but she still senses the worry. She fussed at me for working too much, that I needed to slow down. My eyes welled up, wanting to tell her about my fears, and have her hold me tight and tell me everything would be okay. There is something medicinal in my mother’s embrace, infusing me with her fierce love.

I managed to get my tears under control and refrained from worrying her. I did hold her tight, though, and it helped to calm my mind. It seems she feels more frail each time I hold her, and I cherish each hug, knowing I won’t always have the gift of her embrace.

By the time I left, we were both laughing and being silly again. I will go back today before my performance to take her photo wearing the beautiful pendant that Holly made for her. Mom absolutely loves it and goes on and on about how special and talented Holly is, and how kind.

Yes, Mom, we are so blessed to have so many good and caring people in our lives.

My mission to cheer Mom up worked, and I left feeling much better myself. Thank you again and again, Mom. There’s a special magic that happens around The Home for Wayward Seniors.

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