Technology Heavy D Style

Technology Heavy D Style

Technology Heavy D Style

Mom’s legs have gotten much worse, so her doctor has once again scheduled a home nurse to visit Mom several times a week to wrap her legs and check her vital signs. Mom was thrilled to find that her favorite nurse, Teresa, will be caring for her. Teresa is truly an angel, having the perfect temperament to work with the elderly. She patiently listens to Mom’s stories, encouraging her, and Mom takes great advantage of this, storytelling to her heart’s content.

Mom’s favorite part of the visit- other than getting to see her favorite nurse- is when she gets to electronically sign Teresa’s tablet at the end of the visit. Mom gets all excited and preens as she demonstrates her savvy technological skills. This time she insisted that I watch her carefully and photograph her as she signed with her index finger: “D W.”. I was so happy to see Mom smiling again, feeling better thanks to Teresa’s care. It was also fun to see her get excited about a piece of technology, as my brother tried for years to give her a computer and teach her to use it. She staunchly refused, and to this day won’t have anything to do with technology….other than signing her initials on Teresa’s tablet. Teresa went home bearing a beautiful cantaloupe from The Veggie Man, leaving Mom and daughter with a big smile. Technology Heavy D style.

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