Civil Disobedience at The Home for Wayward Seniors

Civil Disobedience at The Home for Wayward Seniors

Civil Disobedience at The Home for Wayward Seniors

I visited with Mom this morning and found out she’d finally gotten the scoop on the new rule of residents being banned from sitting in the lobby. I had to wait until she got started on her egg and cheese biscuit that I brought her from McDonald’s- got to eat it while it’s hot, you know. Thankfully, her teeth were where she left them, so breakfast happened without any drama.

Granny (‘Ms. Pearl’, but she’s one hundred years old, so everybody calls her Granny) came over from across the hall to gossip with Mom yesterday. Granny is the sweetest lady, always dressed to the nines, and cooking up a storm. She’s almost set Princeton Towers on fire twice with her cooking, but she seems to have been better about that lately, thankfully. The only problem with visits from Granny is that she is deaf as a door post and you can’t really understand most of what she says, as she sort of mumble speaks.

Mom told me that Granny stayed for an hour, and that she’d hoped she’d smiled and nodded in all of the right places, because she couldn’t understand her, but loves her and would never want to hurt her feelings. She was at least able to decipher that the problem with the lobby stemmed from the Program Coordinator at Princeton. It seems that her office is right by the lobby, and she got upset because she couldn’t hear to talk on the phone with all of the noise from the residents enjoying themselves visiting in the lobby. Mom says she’s staying out of this, because she doesn’t want to be known as a trouble maker

Yeah, Mom, everyone thinks of Heavy D as an agitator.

The best part? When I walked into the lobby this morning, it was filled with beautiful, smiling residents, all dressed for church, visiting and laughing.

The Program Director doesn’t work on weekends…

I told them that I was proud of them. I have no doubt that soon the lobby will be filled again every day of the week. I know my wayward seniors, and they are a wily and determined bunch. I haven’t heard anything about Bingo yet, but if it’s cancelled again next Thursday, I will be rallying the troops.

I’m making more cookies, too…going to win that Program Coordinator over with sweetness. Works every time. Just ask Heavy D.

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