Milkshake Therapy

Milkshake Therapy

Milkshake Therapy

I knew when I heard Mom’s voice this morning that she was having a bad day. Her “bad leg” as she calls it continues to weaken, leaving her with rapidly diminishing mobility. She told me that she didn’t even make breakfast and coffee, as she couldn’t get her leg to cooperate. She apologized for being “all mullygug”.

We have been in a debate with Mom’s doctor about the viability of getting a motorized chair for her. Her doctor doesn’t want her to have one, saying that once she relies on the chair, she will lose the remaining use of her legs. I understand that, but what good is it for her to start hiding in her apartment because she is afraid she will fall using the walker? She will be ninety-three in October, and I would much rather see her happily sailing around The Home for Wayward Seniors in a scooter, getting out to socialize and have fun. I think the time has come to seriously pursue the chair.

Mom has complained about her right leg my whole life…and her whole life, really. It was the leg most severely damaged when she was a toddler and tripped over a bucket of boiling lye water that my grandmother was using to clean the kitchen floor. Mom’s legs were burned badly, and they told Grandma that Mom would never walk. Mom bears deep scars to this day, but thanks to Grandma’s loving care and therapy, she proved the doctors wrong.

I was trying to get in a lot of writing and practicing today, but I knew I needed to do something to bring her out of her doldrums. I can’t take away her pain, but I can at least brighten her day. I dashed over to Mom’s side of town and picked up two large chocolate shakes. I knew her buddy Joanne was visiting her, and I thought they could enjoy their visit over a treat. There are few things in this world that my mother loves more than a good chocolate milkshake.

When I walked into Mom’s apartment, Joanne was the first to realize that I was bearing milkshakes, and when I handed one to her, she literally jumped up and down. Mom was in her lift chair, but she did the equivalent of the happy dance when I handed hers to her. They are quite the pair, those two.

I didn’t fix Mom’s issues, and I know that we have some major things to deal with over the coming weeks, but at least for today I was able to see my mom and her friend smile. At least for a short time she forgot about her leg. All it took was a chocolatey treat, a simple milkshake. I didn’t even join them in the treat, but it made me feel better, too. And for today, that was enough.

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