Milkshakes and Special Visitors at The Home for Wayward Seniors

Milkshakes and Special Visitors at The Home for Wayward Seniors

Milkshakes and Special Visitors at The Home for Wayward Seniors

My friend Kathy White, a very talented musician and a fellow member of the Open Group for Bedlam Farm, is in town this week. She and I are playing next to each other in the Alabama Symphony and having a great time. We always do. She asked if she could meet Heavy D, so we made plans to visit The Home for Wayward Seniors and surprise Mom with a chocolate shake. We found out that Mom’s favorite nurse, Theresa, was there, so we came well-stocked with milkshakes for everyone, including Mom’s buddy Joanne.

Mom was in rare form- give her a milkshake and an audience, and she is good to go. She started telling stories and we were all laughing so hard we were about in tears. She told the wig story about the time she was out dancing and her wig flew off and got kicked around the dance floor. She told us about her curler incident of yesterday (even funnier hearing her tell it again with an audience). The stories went on and on as everybody sipped on their shakes and laughed.

I slipped out to check her mail, and when I came back in she was telling a new wrinkle story- one that I had not heard. She paused dramatically and said, “Oh no- I don’t want to tell Denise because she’ll write about it on that Space Page!” (Facebook)

I finally got her to spill it for me…she said that when she got out of the shower the other day that she looked down and noticed that with all the wrinkles, her front looked like a Christmas tree. She kept looking and decided that all of her moles looked like Christmas ornaments. She dissolved into laughter at this point. We were already there.

After Theresa left- who, by the way, is an angel in the body of a nurse, Mom told Kathy that she decided a while back that when she started hurting, she would just be silly. That laughter and silliness had helped her make it through a lot of difficult times. Pretty good advice, I’d say. She also told Kathy that now she’d understand why I was such a goofball. Kathy said it was beginning to make sense.

We couldn’t find Joanne, so I put the extra milkshake in the refrigerator, telling Mom she could either keep it for later or give it to Joanne.

“Oh, I could never live with myself if I drank that shake knowing how much Joanne likes them. It sure would taste good around eleven o’clock tonight, though…she better come get it soon!”

Mom is always thinking of her friends, always sharing what she has. However, Joanne really had better come get that shake soon, because I don’t know if Mom can resist the temptation for too long. We left Mom with all of us still laughing as she sat in her lift chair, happily sipping on her treat.

Kathy lost her mother suddenly only days ago. My heart hurts for my friend, and I was so glad that I could share my wonderfully goofy mom with her, along with lots of laughter today. Sometimes laughter truly is the best medicine.


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