Christmas in July: Dispatches from Princeton Towers

Christmas in July: Dispatches from Princeton Towers

I went to Princeton Towers yesterday to check on Mom and deliver her groceries and clean laundry. I also brought her some leftover treats from our July 4th cookout- grilled chicken, grilled corn on the cob, and some cheesecake. Food is always a surefire way to my mother’s heart, especially on the weekends when the ‘Meals on Legs’ program doesn’t deliver their daily hot meal.

The weekends are a lonely time for Mom, as many of the residents go off to visit family or to long church services. And yet, she often gets all dressed up, just for herself. Yesterday, she was dressed to the nines in her favorite snowman shirt. Now for those of you who know my mom, you know that she has a special affinity for snowmen. She loves them and has a huge collection that stays out all year long. She decided quite a while back that she didn’t know how much longer she had to live, and she was going to keep things out that she liked to enjoy.

And so, going into Mom’s apartment is sort of like Christmas in July. Part of her snowman collection is on a shelf in the corner. There are three on top of her television, snowmen kitchen towels, soap dispensers, soap dishes, snowmen dishes, stuffed snowmen and snow women in her bedroom….every room of her apartment is imbued with the spirit of the holiday. That the holiday is in December and we’re now in July makes no difference. It makes her happy, pure and simple.

I’m with Mom…it’s sort of nice to have a bit of Christmas in July when it’s so hot and muggy in Alabama. And, it’s always so good to see her smile.


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