When darkness comes,
Memories swirl around me,
Visions of the end haunt me,
Hospital corridors stretch before me,
Endless worry, holding her hand,
Replaying over and over in my mind.
The tears run freely onto my pillow,
No longer having to maintain the facade of strength
That really isn’t there…at least not yet.
I feel no regrets, only gripping loss;
The hole in my heart that waits,
Waits to be filled with memories
Of laughter and gratitude,
Instead of the sting of absence,
The phone that doesn’t ring,
The sweet voice I long to hear
Just once more. 
Time will heal,
The light will shine brightly,
As a new day calls. 
I welcome the peace that will come,
My arms open wide,
But tonight in the darkness,
My salty tears baptize me,
As I flow with the memories
My heart bruised and aching,
But filled with love.

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