Escape to the Emerald Coast

Escape to the Emerald Coast

I am sitting on the deck of our condo at Seacrest Beach at dawn, listening to the sound of the ocean only yards away, the seagulls calling out, greeting the morning. The light has been incredible, truly my favorite time of day at the beach. It becomes its own world, elemental. Not a soul to be found (except maybe a lone beachcomber), making me feel like I am in my own personal paradise.

Dan and I arrived around 3:30 yesterday afternoon, the Bug laden down with our bicycles, bags, and hopes for this mini vacation to help us reboot after a difficult summer. We stopped at our favorite grocery store to load up on supplies, checked into our condo, unloaded, and immediately went down to the beach. The powdery white sand felt wonderful under my feet, and wading into the warm waters of the ocean was like a baptism. Dan and I have always found the ocean to be a source of healing for us, and I am counting on that this time, probably more than I should.
As we let the gentle waves buffet us about, I felt the tears come. I find myself speaking to Mom a lot in my mind, asking her if she is okay, is she with me? I miss her so much, and even heading out from Birmingham, I had to catch myself as I began to pick up my phone to let her know we were on the road. So much has changed in my world with her passing, and it will just take some time to adjust.
As sunset approached, Dan made us a wonderful rum runner, and we took a long, slow walk on the beach, stopping to appreciate the changing light, shells on the beach, or just to embrace each other in gratitude. I am so thankful to be married to this truly good man who is my soulmate. Our travels together are always a joy, as we are so alike. Dan likes to use his grandfather’s saying when he says, “Honey, you and me- we’s like peas and carrots.” I love him with all my heart.

We went to one of the areas best restaurants, Cafe Thirty-A, for delicious seafood dinner, top down on the Bug, enjoying the wonderful sea air to and from our date. We both talk about how much we wished we could retire to the beach, as it resonates with us so deeply. I don’t know if the realities of life will allow that to happen, but we can hope and dream.

And so, day two at Seacrest Beach begins gently. I am heading out for a long walk, and then we will ride our bikes. After that, lazy time spent under our umbrella by the sea, watching the waves lap up on the shore and the sandpipers dance. The busy season has passed, so the beach is blissfully quiet…just what we need. My heart is heavy from my loss, but also singing with joy that I have even a short amount of time to be at this special place with my husband. I am calling to the ocean to bring peace to my heart with each timeless crashing wave, each sunrise, each sunset.


2 thoughts on “Escape to the Emerald Coast

  1. So glad you are doing this. There is a reason the mind has “blocking” as a defense mechanism…….it is good to take turns…..grieve, and then “LIVE” again…your mom would want you to. I am into month 10……still have the tears flow a bit almost every day….but for a few moments…and now they are becoming bittersweet……with emphasis on the sweet…so thankful for the time and memories we had. An oddity to share……I have found a mild issue the past few months with my short term memory capacity…….if/when it comes, don’t be too alarmed. This too is likely a part of the blocking/self protection that is a healthy thing…….I have found several times that when I push to remember one of the straggling short term items… reminds me of mom. Never were truer words spoken……”A time to love, a time for peace, a time to grieve”.

    1. Edie,
      Thank you so much for your comment. I am already having major issues with my short term memory, by the way, so I’m glad to hear that is normal :)). I am hoping that the beach will allow me to let go of some of the stores up emotion. I also notice my mind wanting to block the feelings and memories as they come, but I know it is healthiest to let them run through me. Peace to you. ❤️

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