Memories and Smiles

Memories and Smiles

Dan was working in the guest house yesterday in preparation for a visit by some dear friends who would be staying with us. He had been wanting to install LED lighting underneath the kitchen cabinets to add the typical Dan wow factor, and called me up to the top deck to see the results of his labors. He had done a beautiful job, and as he demonstrated the different levels of lighting, he reminded me of one of our favorite Mom memories, and we both laughed.

Mom lived with us for a year and a half, and Dan had created an apartment for her on our first floor so that she could have her own space, something she always needed to be happy. He put speakers by her lift chair so that she could hear her beloved television programs clearly, and he also installed a dimmer on the light in her little sitting room to make it cozier for her. Mom loved to demonstrate the different levels of lighting most every time we came into her apartment, telling us what each one was for…

(At the highest setting) “This is for working my puzzles.”

(At the middle setting). “This is for watching my shows.”

Mom then dramatically dimmed the lights to their lowest setting, and when we asked her what that was for, she smiled a mischievous smile and told us, “Oh, that’s for ro-mance,” in her best Southern drawl, and giggled. We can never dim the lights now without thinking of Mom, and we always have to say, “That’s for ro-mance.” I am so grateful for the many good memories that are surfacing lately, replacing the tears with laughter…just as Mom would have wanted.

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