From the Stage

From the Stage

From the stage, the anticipation builds,
The beautiful cacophony of the warm up,
The chatter of the audience as they find their seats.
The lights dim, and a hush falls on the crowd.
The orchestra tunes, the conductor enters, the musicians stand.
Rituals ages old.
The downbeat is given,
The hall filling with luscious sound,
The audience and orchestra become as one,
Neither truly existing without the other,
Bound by the ancient magic of music,
A journey through time and space,
That takes place in the heart and mind,
Sitting in the middle of the orchestra,
My heaven on earth,
Surrounded by swirling melodies, rich harmonies,
Memories of performances past,
That always touch my soul
And fill me with gratitude,
For the gift of music
And the joy of following my dream.


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