Late Night Musings

Late Night Musings

Here it is, 3am, and I am awake in my comfy chair,
Sophie at my feet.
The stillness of the night,
broken by the call of a train in the far off distance
and the soft creaking of our old house.
Such comforting music.
There is a certain magic about this time of night,
a time when my mind sees what is sometimes hidden in the light of day,
So many possibilities.
I used to awake with fear sitting on my chest,
Whispering in my ear,
But no more.
Instead, I awake to hopes and dreams,
To gratitude,
As I look around the dim room,
Feeling the reverberation of memories made,
So many years that have passed,
The life that has happened here,
The laughter, the tears,
Of the great love that envelops this place,
I know that I am just where I need to be.
Sophie sighs a contented sigh,
Stretching in her slumber,
Content as only a sleeping dog can be,
I breathe in one more sip of the magic,
Closing my eyes,
To heal and dream some more.

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