On Mini Cars and Home Projects: Mr. McKenzie Tales

On Mini Cars and Home Projects: Mr. McKenzie Tales

My husband’s industrious home repair alter ego is Mr. McKenzie. That’s who I go to whenever I need something done around the house that I can’t do. He’s the person who keeps our almost-century-old home in working order, and I, as Mrs. McKenzie, am often his ride along buddy and helper. He tells me that it’s his goal to make every single part of our home a place where we would want to hang out, and I’m afraid to say that this includes the attic and the cellar (let’s not even talk about the garages…)

We have a big basement/foundation renovation coming up in the Spring (we do live in a slide zone on the side of a mountain), but Mr. McKenzie is currently obsessed with the attic. He has spent hour upon hour up there decked out in his respirator mask and miner’s light, cleaning up crazy wiring and preparing to put down new insulation. He comes down the attic ladder calling to me, sounding like Darth Vader, playing it up for all it’s worth. Yet another reason that I love my husband- he makes me laugh. A lot.

The roof doesn't scare him either...my phone stays set to dial 911.
The roof doesn’t scare him either…my phone stays set to dial 911.

This all brings me to our latest death-defying trip to Lowe’s to purchase insulation (and to drool over the new stainless steel kitchen appliances and granite countertops we’re planning for the Spring). We each pushed a buggy, filling them up with six large rolls of insulation (just a start, as he’ll need a lot more). This is where the “death-defying” part comes in…we were in Dan’s car…which is a Mini Cooper.  I, of course, have total faith in my husband, even after the time we attempted to carry large sheets of wainscoting tied to the top of my VW Bug in a storm, with both of us holding on out of the window for all we were worth. I thought we would take off like the Flying Nun. We had to go straight to the Mexican restaurant for margaritas after that one. We blamed it all on our dog Cooper, who at the time was a puppy and ate through two walls, thus requiring the wainscoting. We find it easy to blame a lot of things on Cooper.

Don't be deceived by her cuteness...this puppy held a reign of terror over the walls, moldings, and stairs of our home during her adolescence....
Don’t be deceived by her cuteness…this puppy held a reign of terror over the walls, moldings, and stairs of our home during her adolescence….

Now where was I? Ah, yes, we were standing outside of Lowe’s, staring at the Mini Cooper, already filled to the brim with four rolls of insulation, and two rolls left in the buggy. Mr. McKenzie swears he can make it all fit. Did I mention that we also had a giant garbage bag of plastic grocery bags with us to recycle? I suggested having Dan leave me with two of the rolls while he took the others home, but my husband will not admit defeat that easily. Throwing caution (and the safety of everyone between Lowe’s and Chez Gainey) to the wind, he huffs, he puffs, possibly cusses a bit, and somehow squeezes all six rolls into the car, tying the hatch down by the back windshield wiper….what could go wrong?

We made it to the grocery store to recycle the giant bag of plastic grocery bags with my seat pushed so far to the front that my nose was pressed against the windshield. If someone would have hit us, the whole car would have exploded in a cloud of insulation and plastic poo bags (the other common use for those plastic bags in our household). Thankfully, even in rush-hour traffic, we finally pulled into Dan’s garage as I exhaled a sigh of relief…or maybe that was because I was able to peel myself away from the windshield. Maybe we need to rethink our love of small cars…

Photographic evidence....
Photographic evidence….

And so, all is well at Chez Gainey for now. Just wait for your invitation to come to our attic grand opening party. It will be nice and toasty with all of that new insulation, and hopefully the squirrel won’t wage war with Mr. McKenzie again and crash the party. You just never know around here…

I think I'll keep him, death-defying rennos and all.
I think I’ll keep him, death-defying rennos and all.

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