Upon Which Mr. MacKenzie Scares the Living Daylights Out of Me

I came home from a long day at work exhausted, looking forward to jammies and a good book. I had also been anxious to check on Dan, as he had been acting strangely at lunch, complaining of a severe malaise, dizziness, headache…not good for someone three days post-surgery. He was still not himself, sitting on … More Upon Which Mr. MacKenzie Scares the Living Daylights Out of Me

Mr. MacKenzie Works on Bionic Man Status

Obligatory goofy selfie prior to surgery…a Gainey tradition. ¬†We sort of collectively gasped as we counted up the surgeries that Dan and I have had since we became a couple over fourteen years ago while Dan lay in the hospital bed awaiting stem cell replacement/ arthroscopic knee surgery; two ankles, two knees, two shoulders, a … More Mr. MacKenzie Works on Bionic Man Status

On Davids and Goliaths

Integrity is something that is very important to me; standing up for what I believe in, standing up for what is right and true, standing up for my family, my friends, my colleagues, my students, my animals…you get the idea. I am an extremely non-confrontational woman by nature, raised by a truly genteel Southern lady … More On Davids and Goliaths

If I Should Forget

If somehow I should forget to smile Though hardship meets me at every mile, If I should forget to be incredibly grateful In a world where many can be so hard and so hateful, If I should forget to see the heartbreaking beauty While focused too deeply on doing my duty, If I should let … More If I Should Forget

Pictures from Home

Right now I am in the back seat of a car somewhere in Nebraska, driving down cornfield-lined highways on our way to Kansas for the first leg of our Amicitia Duo Mid-West recital tour. It’s a beautiful day to be riding with dear friends, looking forward to the Masterclasses and recitals to come over the … More Pictures from Home