Gratitude Reboot

It’s funny how negatively can sprout from the smallest seed without us even realizing its burgeoning presence. I work hard at finding the gratitude in every day things, but I caught myself complaining about health issues the past couple of weeks, and that’s not the road I want to travel…it’s time for a gratitude reboot. … More Gratitude Reboot

This Other Life

As I looked out at the beginning of our last morning at Seacrest I thought, what if I lived this other life? What if I lived life each day in this beautiful place where my choices were my own, my responsibilities only to myself and Dan and our happiness, our schedule our own? What if … More This Other Life

The Mask

I’ve had a turbulent few nights, tossing and turning, nightmares, waking in the middle of the night with my head spinning, my to-do list rolling ad nauseam through my sleep-deprived brain. Wide awake at 3:30, death warmed over at 6am when it’s time to rise and shine. The nightmares had gone away for awhile, but … More The Mask